The Grace of God International Church is a Brazilian Ministry recognised by the TV show "The Faith Show", presented by the founder of the denomination: Missionary RR Soares ( Dr Soares). The book " Healing the sick and casting out devils" from the North-American T. L. Osborn, it was a milestone in Dr Soares ministerial life. After his reading, the Missionary understood and started practicing - the doctrine of determination. Through it, the Church understands that they don't need to beg for God's blessings anymore, but determine them, once they were already given to all mankind through the work that Jesus performed on the cross.

From then on, blessings without measures began to reach the Ministry of the Grace of God church. Today, our church is present all over Brazil and countries like United States, Portugal, Italy, South Africa, Romania, Mexico, and others, leading the Word of God and preaching salvation.